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How Is SAFELipo Different From Traditional Liposuction?

Body contouring with liposuction remains one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures in the United States. Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients choose this surgery to transform their bodies and remove stubborn, diet- and exercise-resistant fat pockets. If you’re in good overall health and are already at or near your target body weight, liposuction could be an ideal procedure for you to reshape your problem areas and leave you with a sleek silhouette you’ll be proud to show off in any surroundings.

If you’re considering getting liposuction, you should research treatment options carefully. Not every plastic surgeon has the skill and training to provide the ideal results you deserve, and some approaches to this surgery produce more natural-looking outcomes than others. SAFELipo® represents a significant improvement over conventional liposuction techniques. Read on to learn why.

What Is Liposuction?

There are two layers of fat under your skin—a superficial one that sits close to the skin’s surface, and a deeper one overlaying the muscle. In performing liposuction, plastic surgeons target the deeper layer by using a thin tube called a cannula that simultaneously breaks the fat apart and suctions it out.

This process can sometimes result in contour irregularities and leave behind an uneven appearance after healing. Lumps, dimples, and asymmetry are the most common reasons people feel dissatisfied with their liposuction outcomes and seek revision procedures. SAFELipo® is a modified technique that creates consistently uniform, shapely curves.

What Is SAFELipo®?

SAFE is an acronym to help you remember the three steps that make up this unique approach to liposuction: separation, aspiration, and fat equalization.

  • Separation: Desman uses specialized probes to break the bonds between the fat and the surrounding tissues. Then, he emulsifies the fat, thus reducing the chances of nerve damage and blood vessel destruction.
  • Aspiration: Because the fat is already in a liquefied state, Dr. Desman can use a smaller, thinner cannula and lighter suction during the procedure to help keep the blood vessels and nerves intact.
  • Fat equalization: The final stage represents the primary distinction between SAFELipo® and traditional liposuction. Once the excess fat is gone, Dr. Desman carefully redistributes the remaining fat layer via micro fat transfers to ensure smooth, natural-looking contours after healing.

Dr. Desman’s Experience with SAFELipo®

In 2010, a plastic surgeon named Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. developed the SAFELipo® technique to address the unique challenges posed by revision liposuction procedures, but he quickly recognized it could benefit all body contouring patients. Dr. Desman traveled to Dr. Wall’s Shreveport, Louisiana, practice for firsthand training in the SAFELipo® technique. He is currently the only plastic surgeon serving Alexandria, Virginia, and the greater Washington, D.C., metropolitan region who is qualified to perform this surgery.

SAFELipo® at Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery

After your liposuction procedure, we will send you home with detailed instructions to follow during your recovery process to ensure you have a smoother, safer healing process and can start enjoying your new look sooner. If you’re ready to learn more about body contouring with SAFELipo®, please reach out to our team today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.