Vaginal Rejuvenation in Northern Virginia

Whether due to age or pregnancy, the weakening of the vaginal canal can have a detrimental effect on your sex life. This common condition, known as vaginal relaxation, is associated with childbirth and the natural aging process. A radiofrequency based “vaginal rejuvenation” is a popular procedure to address this concern.

Our clinic offers vaginal rejuvenation in Northern Virginia to address these concerns and help you live your best life. When performed by expert plastic surgeon Dr. Desman in our state-of-the-art clinical facility, you can expect that your procedure will be safe, hygienic, and beneficial to your wellness.

Reasons for Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Vaginal rejuvenation can rejuvenate your sex life as well. The procedure can increase friction during intercourse, leading to greater stimulation and pleasure during sex. Not only does the new vaginal structure improve sensation and enhance patients’ sexual lives, but the aesthetic changes also increase their self-confidence and sense of empowerment.

However, these are not the only reasons women opt for vaginal rejuvenation. Often, women experience vaginal discomfort or vaginal function issues like trouble holding tampons, visible scar tissue surrounding the vagina, or pain during sexual intercourse due to the size of their labia. Labioplasty, vulvoplasty, or vaginal tightening can also address these serious concerns and vastly improve the patient’s daily life and comfort.

Additionally, the results of a procedure can be permanent. Unless another vaginal childbirth occurs, patients can enjoy the results of their vaginal rejuvenation for the rest of their lives.

Choosing a Vaginoplasty Surgeon

Your vaginal rejuvenation should be performed by a surgeon who specializes in the field of aesthetic vaginal surgery. Patients should seek an expert and highly trained plastic surgeon like Dr. Desman, who has performed countless vaginal rejuvenation procedures in Northern Virginia. To provide optimal results, your surgeon must be thoroughly familiar with anatomy and physiology, patient preferences, and the latest surgical techniques and technology.

What Can I Expect During My Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure?

A rejuvenation procedure is a one-to-two-hour procedure that involves surgically tightening tissues around the vagina. Given that this is a surgical procedure, you will be given anesthesia to ensure a comfortable procedure. Your plastic surgeon will make careful, precise incisions during the surgery, taking care to conceal them as much as possible. The results will be apparent after swelling from surgery subsides.

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At the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery, we believe in trust, safety, and honesty with our patients. We understand that your decision to undergo vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty can be emotional and sensitive. That is why our exceptional, highly qualified team is committed to providing the best plastic surgery service for our clients in Northern Virginia and beyond. We prioritize thorough communication with our patients to ensure we are meeting your goals and expectations.

Contact our clinic today to book your complimentary initial consultation. We can offer unparalleled clinical experience and surgical expertise. Dr. Desman and his medical team proudly provide exceptional, individualized care for every patient. Call us to discover how your body and life can be transformed with vaginal rejuvenation in Northern Virginia.

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