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Steps for a Successful Recovery After a Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck is an effective way to improve the appearance of the abdomen, but as with any surgery, good results mean taking care of yourself during recovery. Knowing a few things in advance can help ensure that your procedure goes smoothly and delivers the beautiful results you deserve.

Every tummy tuck case is different, and your recovery will depend somewhat on your specific abdominoplasty. Most tummy tuck procedures will require the same recovery protocols.

  • Plan to have someone drive you home after your operation. You may still be groggy from anesthesia, and you’ll want to minimize movement.
  • Drains will be fitted to reduce fluid buildup. We’ll provide you with specific instructions on how to deal with these.
  • You’ll wear a tight-fitting garment for a couple of weeks, which will help keep your skin and muscles in place as they heal.
  • Plan to take a couple of weeks off from work. Many tummy tuck patients are able to return to work sooner, but plan for two weeks and take less time only if you’re able to. Your focus should be on self-care and recovery.

A tummy tuck can dramatically improve your appearance and restore your self-confidence. And with the right approach, recovery is safe and comfortable. To learn more about your tummy tuck options, please contact Washington DC plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Desman for a consultation