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What is SAFELipo® and Why is it Different Than Other Forms of Liposuction?

SAFELipo® is a technique of liposuction that builds on our expanding knowledge of liposuction from the past decade. The SAFE is actually an acronym that stands for:

  • Separate
  • Aspirate
  • Fat Equalization

In traditional liposuction, the hollow tube (cannula) that sucks out the fat is attached directly to the suction machine. Once the fat is sucked out, the procedure is done. The process basically disrupts or separates the fat while sucking at the same time. In ultrasonic liposuction, the ultrasonic probe disrupts or separates the fat and then the fat is suctioned. In laser liposuction, the laser probe essentially melts the fat and then the fat is suctioned. The downside to the laser and the ultrasonic approaches is that they impart energy into the tissues in the form of heat. Thus, there is a risk of burns from those procedures or increased scarring even if there are no burns.

With the SAFELipo® technique, there is more control than any of these three techniques for the removal of the fat because the separation of the fat is done separately from the suctioning and there is no risky heat that can cause burns or excessive internal scarring to worry about.

The other evolutionary change in this technique is the last step – Fat Equalization. With Fat Equalization as the last step, some of the remaining fat is used to essentially do internal micro fat transfers to make sure the contours are as smooth as possible when everything heals in. None of the other techniques address this issue.

Dr. Desman travelled to Shreveport Louisiana to learn this technique from the inventor of the procedure, Dr. Simeon Wall. Dr. Desman is the only registered SAFELipo® doctor in Virginia and the Washington DC metro area.