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May Is for Moms: Get a Mommy Makeover!

May brings spring at its beautiful peak – with plenty of sunshine, flowers blooming, and birds singing. May is also a time when we honor our mothers with Mother’s Day. You might expect your family to treat you to something memorable like serving you breakfast in bed, but have you thought about using Mother’s Day to treat yourself? Getting a mommy makeover in the spring will ensure your body is ready to show off at the beach this summer.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

After bringing a new life into the world, you may be impatient to lose your baby weight and restore your pre-pregnancy figure. However, bouncing back from pregnancy isn’t as straightforward as you might wish.

All the crunches and planks in the world can’t flatten your belly once your abdominal muscles become weakened and your skin stretches out from the strain of carrying a growing child. Likewise, once your breasts start to sag, droop, and become elongated, you may look older than your true age. It can be discouraging when you eat right, exercise regularly, and still can’t achieve your desired results.

A mommy makeover can solve multiple concerns simultaneously:

  • A tummy tuck will flatten your belly, slim your waistline, and give you a more youthful figure.
  • Breast surgeries such as a lift, augmentation, or reduction can give you sexy confidence and let you wear clothing styles that wouldn’t have previously fit you.
  • Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation will address issues like urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, and dryness, making you more comfortable in intimate moments.
  • Injectable products like Botox and dermal fillers can help minimize wrinkles and provide you with a subtly refreshed appearance.
  • A VI Peel will help reverse years of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, scars, fine lines, and discoloration for a healthy, glowing complexion.

What Does a Mommy Makeover Entail?

It’s entirely your choice which procedures to include in your mommy makeover. While Dr. Desman takes a customized approach to every cosmetic surgery he provides, a mommy makeover is perhaps the most personalized option of them all. After meeting with you and discussing your goals and health history, Dr. Desman will recommend a tailored approach that meets your needs.

If you opt to add more invasive procedures like a tummy tuck or breast augmentation to your mommy makeover, it’s essential to set aside at least two weeks to recover before going back to work. While we’ll send you home with specific instructions for how to take care of yourself after surgery and when you can resume more strenuous exercise, rest is the most fundamental ingredient in a successful healing process. We recommend arranging for help around the household – especially if you have younger children – so you can enjoy plenty of uninterrupted “mommy me time.”

The Best Mommy Makeovers in Northern Virginia

As a mom, you’d do anything for your family, but you deserve the best for yourself, too. Getting a mommy makeover can prioritize your needs and wants – sometimes for the first time in years. If pregnancy-related changes have compromised your self-esteem, left you unable to wear your favorite clothes, or caused you to struggle with your body image and attitude, a mommy makeover can restore your quality of life. If you are no longer planning to add to your family and you are ready to learn more about what a mommy makeover can do for you, contact us today.