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VIP Program Announcement

We had planned for our bi-annual VIP Week for our VIP program members to happen next week, the week of April 27- May 1st. Obviously, with the COVID-19 problem, we cannot have our event as planned. However, the team has come up with an alternative plan.
First, for all of our VIP program members, your membership will be suspended effective March 23, 2020 until we re-open. This will push back your renewal date by the amount of our closure time and you will not lose any of your yearly benefit. We believe strongly that your VIP membership should not suffer due to the current situation.
Secondly, we are going to run our VIP promotions as scheduled, but give you flexibility to take advantage of the purchase. For our VIP members, when you make a purchase during the VIP week with the fantastic VIP discounts, instead of having just a week to take advantage of that, you will have a full 30 days from our reopening to come in and receive your services. For example, we are offering our VIP members Botox at $10 a unit just for the week. Due to our current plan, if you purchase 20 units during VIP week, you will have 30 days from our reopening after COVID to come in and get your Botox injection.