Tattoo Removal for Men in Northern Virginia

Many of us have made decisions that we come to regret, including getting certain tattoos. We might be fond of a particular design, at first, but come to dislike it over the years. Thankfully, your unwanted or outdated tattoo does not need to be permanent. At the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery, our team can fade away your unwanted ink with tattoo removal for men in Northern Virginia and Alexandria.

Laser tattoo removal using a device called the Alma Harmony XL Pro can help you ease your regrets and feel more confident in your skin. Our team specializes in providing exceptional non-surgical options and care for our male clients. If you would like to learn more about tattoo removal for men, connect with our expert medical team today.

Why Men Pursue Laser Tattoo Removal

Many of our male clients in Alexandria and Northern Virginia come to us seeking tattoo removal because their tattoo(s):

  • Represent a past relationship
  • Are unprofessional or inappropriate
  • Affect their ability to create positive first impressions
  • Are in an undesirable location
  • Have faded or blurred and no longer look attractive
  • Were obtained on an impulse or whim
  • Were obtained during their youth or young adulthood and no longer represent who they are today

If you relate to any of these factors and wish to remove your tattoo through a laser procedure, Dr. Desman can explain the treatment in more detail and answer questions.

The Laser Tattoo Removal Process

Laser tattoo removal works through the application of light from our Alma Harmony XL Pro device. The light is emitted at a certain wavelength which helps target the dark pigments of tattoo ink. It breaks these pigments down into tiny particles, which are then absorbed by your body and passed naturally through your body’s waste. Our laser apparatus can remove a variety of tattoo colors without harming the surrounding skin.

The procedure itself is painless and feels similar to a snapping rubber band against your skin. However, our team can provide you with a topical anesthetic to help ease your discomfort. The length of each session will depend on the size of the tattoo and complexity of the tattoo. Depending on the size, depth, and extent of your tattoo, you may be required to come in for follow-up sessions.

Tattoo removal will not be able to permanently remove your tattoo. Rather, it will gradually fade away your ink. The amount of fading will depend on the extent of your tattoo and how many sessions you opt for. We normally recommend three to four laser hair removal sessions for our male patients in Northern Virginia and Alexandria, each spaced about two months apart, but your treatment process can vary based on your needs. During your initial consultation with our expert medical team, we will be able to assess your tattoo and create a removal strategy that best suits your circumstances.

Fade Your Tattoo Away with Tattoo Removal for Men in Northern Virginia

Our male patients approach us for tattoo removal for a variety of reasons. No matter what your justification is, the VCPS team is here to help. Our expert medical team strives to provide compassionate and exceptional service to help our patients look and feel their best.

Our clinic specializes in a variety of cosmetic, dermatological, non-surgical, and plastic surgery treatments for our male patients. If you would like to learn more about tattoo removal for men in Northern Virginia and Alexandria, contact us today.

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