Chemical Peels for Men in Northern Virginia

When you want to improve your skin’s appearance and texture, know that men and women alike can benefit from facial rejuvenation treatments. Chemical peels can help men resolve many issues that affect their self-confidence and improve their overall skin health. Depending on your needs, a skilled esthetician can help determine which type and intensity of chemical peel is right for you.

Work with a clinician who specializes in chemical peels for men in Northern Virginia. At the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to helping men look and feel their best.

Benefits of Chemical Peels for Men

Chemical peels improve your skin’s appearance and texture by removing the top layer of damaged skin cells. Most men have unique skin concerns, such as a rougher texture due to facial hair and enlarged pores. Some men may have an increased likelihood of sun damage from outdoor activities.

Chemical peels increase cell turnover and remove impurities from your skin. We can personalize the treatment to address your specific issues, including:

  • Improving acne scars
  • Shrinking enlarged pores
  • Reducing sun damage and sunspots
  • Evening skin tone by reducing hyperpigmentation
  • Improving skin texture
  • Treating acne and reducing breakouts by helping unclog pores
  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines, making your skin appear more youthful
  • Boosting collagen production, which can improve skin elasticity and firmness

Many chemical peel treatments are relatively quick, making them convenient for people with busy lifestyles. To maintain results, a series of treatments may be required. After a treatment, there is typically a recovery period during which your skin may appear red, peel, or flake. During a consultation at our Alexandria clinic, our experienced esthetician can instruct you on easing these symptoms and maintaining your results after a chemical peel.

Types of Chemical Peels for Men

Chemical peels vary in depth and intensity; the main types are superficial, medium-depth, and deep.

Superficial and Light Peels

Superficial peels, also known as light peels, are gentler and great for sensitive skin. Our Northern Virginia clinic offers a superficial peel for men which is a combination of: mandelic, salicylic, and azelaic acid. Our superficial peel lifts surface cells and reveals a fresher and more radiant skin tone.

A mandelic acid can treat fine lines, mild pigmentation problems. A salicylic acid can treat acne and can improve skin texture. Azelaic acid can improve skin conditions, such as mild to moderate acne, rosacea and minor pigment issues.

Medium-Depth Peels

Medium-depth peels—including a combination of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) salicylic acid, azelaic, and retinoid acid.

TCA acid, salicylic acid, azelaic, and retinoid acid can treat moderate sun damage, deeper wrinkles, fine lines, acne, mild scarring, and pigmentation issues.

Deep Peels

Deep peels are made of phenol and are the most aggressive. Phenol peels can treat severe wrinkles, deep scars, and significant sun damage. Due to their potency, they require more downtime and careful post-treatment care.

Other Types of Chemical Peels

Sometimes, our male patients may require more specialized peels. Enzyme peels use natural enzymes, usually from papaya or pineapple, to gently exfoliate your skin. Enzyme peels are mild and are wonderful for sensitive skin types. Vi Peels blend ingredients that can treat acne, melasma, and fine lines. Yellow peels mix trichloroacetic, retinoic, and kojic acids to treat pigmentation issues and improve skin texture.

During a consultation at our Northern VA clinic, our skilled team can explain the differences in chemical peels for male clients and determine a tailored treatment plan.

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If you seek youthful, clear, and vibrant skin, a chemical peel treatment may be for you. Our talented esthetician has successfully performed many chemical peels for men in Northern Virginia and can help you determine the right procedure for your specific issues.

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