BOTOX COSMETIC® for Men in Northern Virginia

In the aesthetic world, there is one brand that stands out above the rest: BOTOX COSMETIC®. It is the most popular non-surgical, cosmetic treatment in the world because it works. BOTOX COSMETIC® is exceptionally well-known and well-regarded for its ability to correct superficial and deep wrinkles.

Dr. Desman, a highly trained and skilled Northern Virginia-based plastic surgeon, masterfully recreates youthfulness and vitality with precision BOTOX COSMETIC® injections not only for our female clients but our male plastic surgery clients as well. For our male clients, we take care to ensure your masculinity is never compromised. You, too, can enjoy the effects of BOTOX COSMETIC® without looking frozen or feminine. If you want to learn more about BOTOX COSMETIC® for men in Northern Virginia and Alexandria, book an appointment with our office today.


Men in Northern Virginia and Alexandria most popularly use BOTOX COSMETIC® to treat superficial and deep facial wrinkles caused by active muscle movement, including forehead wrinkles, wrinkles caused by raising your eyebrows, squinting, smiling, pursing your lips, or other facial expressions. It works by chemically blocking the nerve signals to the target facial area, preventing muscle movement from stretching the folds of the skin and deepening the wrinkles further.

Believe it or not, BOTOX COSMETIC® is not just for the face or cosmetic reasons. This is a popular misconception since BOTOX COSMETIC® is primarily known for reducing the appearance of deep, active wrinkles in the face—and this is usually what our clients come to us for. However, BOTOX COSMETIC® injections can also treat various medical conditions, including:

Cervical Dystonia

This painful condition involves the involuntary contracture of neck muscles. This causes the head to twist painfully into an uncomfortable position. BOTOX COSMETIC® injections can help block the neck muscles from contracting in this manner.

Lazy Eyes

The placement and movement of muscles around the affected eye causes and exacerbates this fairly common eye condition. BOTOX COSMETIC® injections can relax the muscles that cause the lazy eye. BOTOX COSMETIC® injections can also treat eye twitching.

Muscle Contractures

Certain neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy, can cause involuntary movement and contracture of limbs. This can be painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. BOTOX COSMETIC® injections can treat these contractures and movements.

Chronic Migraines

By blocking the pain signals that are a feature of a migraine, BOTOX COSMETIC® injections may help reduce headache frequency and pain.

Reclaim Your Youthfulness With BOTOX COSMETIC®

When scheduling your BOTOX COSMETIC® for men appointment in Northern Virginia and Alexandria, you will visit our Center for an initial consultation with our medical team. During this consultation, Dr. Desman will discuss your treatment options based on your individualized, unique needs. Our team will thoroughly review your medical history and ensure you are a suitable candidate before your BOTOX COSMETIC® procedure.

The BOTOX COSMETIC® injection itself takes around five minutes per treatment area. Following the procedure, we will cleanse the target area and give you an ice pack to reduce swelling, if necessary. In most cases, patients see results in about five days.

Book Your BOTOX COSMETIC® for Men Appointment in Northern Virginia with Us Today

BOTOX COSMETIC® is one of the most popular procedures in the world and one of the most popular procedures offered by our Center. Our medical team will perform your BOTOX COSMETIC® injection accurately, precisely, and safely.

We strive to ensure the BOTOX COSMETIC® experience for our male clients is safe, pleasant, and comfortable. If you have a BOTOX COSMETIC® injection at our Center, you can be assured that you will achieve spectacular results with your wellness and safety at the forefront. Call Dr. Desman today to book a consultation about BOTOX COSMETIC® for men in Northern Virginia and Alexandria.

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