Skin Tightening Treatments in Northern Virginia

One of the earliest and most common signs of aging is loose, saggy skin. This condition may manifest in various areas of our bodies, including our faces, stomachs, arms, thighs, legs, backs, and buttocks. When we first notice these changes, it can affect our self-confidence and our comfort with wearing certain clothes.

To address loose, sagging, drooping skin, the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery offers surgical and non-surgical skin tightening treatments in Northern Virginia. Book an initial consultation with our highly trained team to get started on your journey to beautiful skin!

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments

Our Northern Virginia clinic offers various non-surgical skin tightening treatments that harness the power of advanced laser and radiofrequency to expertly tighten skin. Each of our procedures has various effects: some diminish stubborn fat to tighten the skin, while others focus on toning the underlying collagen.

Compared to surgical treatments, the incredible benefit of non-surgical treatments is their relatively quick recovery time—most of our non-surgical treatments only require a few days of restful downtime. Non-surgical treatments are also less invasive and typically less expensive than surgical treatments. They are perfect “starter” procedures if you are not ready to take the plunge for plastic surgery.

During your initial consultation with our expert medical specialists, we would be delighted to review all the non-surgical skin tightening treatment options available to you.

Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments

If you are looking for a dramatic, long-lasting transformation, surgery is your answer. Our expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Desman, is trained in advanced plastic surgery techniques to tighten your skin and eliminate sagging.

Liposuction and Lifts

One of the most effective surgical skin-tightening treatments in Northern Virginia is liposuction. Our experienced surgeon strategically and precisely removes excess fat deposits from your desired target areas to slim and contour the body, and expose muscle definition. Liposuction can help define your six-pack and reveal muscle definition in the chest, legs, arms, and back.

The liposuction procedure is ideal for those struggling to achieve their desired body through diet and exercise alone and needing a little extra help. Our clinic offers liposuction for the stomach, back, arms, thighs, and buttocks. We also offer a variety of lifts, including the facelift, brow lift, thigh lift, back lift, and arm lift.

Maintaining Results

The results from your liposuction or lift procedure can be permanent if you focus on a healthy lifestyle, eat a nutritious diet, and follow a good exercise plan following your treatment. This will ensure that you do not regain weight, that your body continues to stay in shape, and that you look your best.

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If stubborn, sagging, drooping, or flabby skin is preventing you from living your best life, our clinic can expertly tighten it using surgical or non-surgical techniques. Skin tightening treatments in Northern Virginia can be used on various areas based on your needs. When performed by a talented and trained plastic surgeon like Dr. Desman, the results can be long-lasting and life-changing.

The Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery is driven by a passion for providing expert medical guidance and support for all your cosmetic and plastic surgery concerns. Call today to book a complimentary consultation with our expert medical team.

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