Laser Hair Removal in Northern Virginia

Although waxing, shaving, and threading can temporarily remove unwanted body hair, these options must be repeated frequently to maintain smooth skin. If you want a long-lasting solution, laser hair removal in Northern Virginia and Alexandria could be a great option for you.

At the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery, we use the Alma Harmony XL Pro Laser Treatment suite to eliminate stubborn hair. Laser hair removal is best performed by our experienced aesthetician. They can explain this non-surgical procedure in more detail, remove hair painlessly from even the most sensitive areas of your body, and help you feel more confident in your appearance.

What to Expect During and After Laser Hair Removal

Before your procedure, our staff members will clean the treatment area thoroughly before applying a numbing gel. Then, our aesthetician will deliver a pulse of light to the treatment area, using the Alma Harmony XL Pro, while closely monitoring your skin’s reaction to the treatment. A continuous cooling sensation will help you remain calm and comfortable throughout the process.

It is normal to have some redness and slight swelling after laser treatment, but these symptoms should subside after a few hours. In some cases, the treated area may feel like a sunburn. For some, this might persist for several days. However, you can apply aloe vera or hydrocortisone to reduce irritation and redness.

Hair in the treated area will shed in about two weeks. You might also see patches of normal hair growth in the targeted area, but these will disappear after several treatments. During your consultation, Dr. Desman and our Northern Virginia and Alexandria team will offer you valuable information about what to expect from your laser hair removal procedure.

Preparing for Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Before you come in for your first laser hair removal session in Northern Virginia or Alexandria, it is vital to reach out to Dr. Desman to discuss your treatment options and desired goals. Additionally, to prepare for your first laser hair removal session, you should:

Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

It is not advisable to perform laser hair removal on sun-damaged skin. Thus, it is essential to avoid exposing the treatment area to direct sun for two weeks before the procedure. Getting a sunburn during this period could cause pain during the treatment and additional skin discoloration.

Shave the Area to be Treated

Shave the hair removal area 48 hours before the treatment to help the laser target the pigment at the hair’s root and reduce the chances of your skin burning.

Avoid Waxing and Plucking

For laser hair removal to be effective, the hair’s roots must be in place. Waxing and plucking will remove the root along with the hair, so the laser process might not be as effective if this is done before your treatment.

Put Away Certain Skin Products

The ingredients in some beauty products might increase the sensitivity of your skin. Unfortunately, this could also increase the chances of your skin being burnt during treatment. Therefore, talking with our team about which makeup products to avoid before your session is important.

Review Your Medical History

Some medical interventions and drugs might limit the effectiveness of laser treatment. If you are taking any prescription drugs, consult Dr. Desman before your procedure to determine if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal.

Complete a Patch Test

Dr. Desman might advise you to take a skin test to determine whether you are a viable candidate for laser treatment. This test could also help determine a suitable treatment plan for you.

Contact Us to Learn About Laser Hair Removal in Northern Virginia

If unwanted hair on your body makes you feel self-conscious, laser hair removal in Northern Virginia and Alexandria could be the best option for you. In addition, this procedure could reduce the need to shave or wax frequently.

Dr. Desman will take you through the consultation process and help you determine which treatment plan will be the most effective for you. Contact the experts at Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery today to learn about laser hair removal with our Alma Harmony XL Pro.

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