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What’s Your Skin’s Real Age?

The appearance of your skin does not always correlate with the date you were born. Along with your genetics, your lifestyle habits – such as your diet and exposure to sunlight – play a role in determining the real age of your complexion. While it is best to see an Arlington cosmetic surgeon to help you determine your skin’s real age, here are a few guidelines:

  • Your skin may be in its 20s if: Your complexion is luminous and firm. You can keep it this way by applying a daily SPF and exfoliating on a regular basis. Also rev up collagen production and buff every other day to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant.
  • Your skin may be in its 30s if: You have the first signs of lines and wrinkles, especially around your eyes and mouth (laugh lines). One way to help keep wrinkles at bay and maintain a radiant complexion is to use a good SPF, drink plenty of water and moisturize daily.
  • Your skin may be in its 40s if: You begin to see lines and deeper wrinkles. Try adding a weekly enzyme peel to restore healthy and smooth skin.
  • Your may be in its 50s if: Wrinkles are more prevalent and your skin begins to lose elasticity and you develop “jowls” and sagging in your neck. Trigger cell rejuvenation and use laser treatments to repair damage and retain your natural beauty.

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