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The Tummy Tuck’s 4 Surprising Medical Benefits

Many women and men choose to have a tummy tuck because they are primarily interested in the cosmetic results – a flatter, more toned belly and removal of excess skin and fat. However, you may be surprised to learn that you can also experience some medical benefits with tummy tuck surgery. Here are four additional positive outcomes Dr. Desman’s tummy tuck patients have been able to enjoy.

1. Weight Loss Is Easier to Maintain

If you have recently lost a dramatic amount of weight – either on your own or with the help of surgery – you may feel disappointed when your skin doesn’t bounce back, leaving you with loose, stretched-out flaps of skin. A tummy tuck surgery can complete your transformation and fully reveal the results of your weight loss, which can be highly motivational and cause you to want to go the extra mile to keep off those unwanted pounds.

2. Your Posture Will Improve

Carrying extra skin and fat can put a tremendous strain on your body, especially your back. If your abdominal region is too weak to support the weight, you could end up experiencing back pain. A tummy tuck will not only rid you of your unwanted skin and fat, but the procedure will also result in tighter abdominal muscles that help support your entire core region and reduce the excess strain on your back.

After an abdominoplasty, you may notice a significant improvement in your postural alignment, which can also have the added benefit of helping relieve specific types of back pain.

3. Treatment and Prevention of Hernias

A condition known as a ventral hernia is the result of the abdominal tissue or intestine breaking through the muscles in a weakened abdominal wall, thus creating a small protrusion in the stomach. Several things could cause a ventral hernia, including surgeries like appendectomies or C-sections, rapid weight loss, and excessive abdominal straining.

Regardless of why you have developed a hernia, the steps for correcting it are similar to the steps involved in performing a successful tummy tuck surgery. During the surgery, your surgeon will pull the muscles together and often use sutures to maintain their relative positions. An abdominoplasty thus strengthens your abdominal wall, decreasing your odds of developing another ventral hernia in the future.

4. Exercise Becomes Easier

Having a weak core and excess skin or fat can make exercise a challenge. Hanging flaps of skin can cause chafing and discomfort when you move, making you less likely to pursue an active lifestyle. But after getting a tummy tuck, some people rediscover their enjoyment of exercises like jogging, walking, or taking fitness classes, which can increase fitness and energy levels and boost overall health.

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