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Symmastia is a rare side effect of breast augmentation that occurs when the soft tissue of the breasts connects in the middle. Some women call this effect “breadloafing” and in certain extreme cases it can even cause the “uniboob” look.

Symmastia usually occurs when breast implants are placed using the submuscular method and the surgeon cuts the muscle that is attached to the sternum. This muscle, which is located horizontally across your implants, is what normally holds your implants away from the cleavage area. Without it, symmastia can result.

Dr. Desman is very careful to leave your muscles intact when placing breast implants. At all times, he works to avoid breast augmentation complications by using meticulous surgical techniques. If you have symmastia from a previous breast augmentation that was performed by a different surgeon, he can perform corrective surgery to separate your breasts and restore their symmetry.

If you have further questions about symmastia and breast augmentation, please contact us today to schedule a personal consultation with experienced Alexandria cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eric Desman. The Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery serves patients throughout Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.