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Rapid Recovery Breast Surgery in Virginia

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that typically requires one to two weeks of rest. During this period breast augmentation patients are instructed to refrain from most physical activities including some types of work, which can be a deterrent when considering breast enhancement.

The rapid recovery breast augmentation program allows Virginia plastic surgeon Dr. Desman to reduce initial recovery time by several days. Good candidates for this program may be able to resume most normal activities within 48 hours, needing only to refrain from more demanding activities for the duration of the recovery period.

How Rapid Recovery Works

Rapid recovery breast augmentation requires special care be taken in the placement of the breast implants. By carefully creating the pocket in which an implant is placed, Dr. Desman can minimize trauma to surrounding muscle and tissue, thereby reducing surgical recovery time.

Dr. Desman operates with extreme care during all breast augmentation procedures, but even with a gentler placement of the implant, there is no guarantee of a two-day recovery. However, utilizing the specific techniques of the rapid recovery breast augmentation program, Dr. Desman may be able to help you resume normal activities in a much shorter period of time following your surgery.

For more information about rapid recovery breast augmentation in Virginia, please contact the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery today.