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Press Reset on Your Skin with a Vi Peel

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, but it can also be a significant source of low self-esteem for many people. Scarring, dullness, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone are all reasons many people seek treatments like chemical peels. However, deep peels can cause discomfort and a lengthy recovery period. The Vi Peel is an alternative option for restoring healthy skin with minimal side effects.

Benefits of a Vi Peel

The Vi Peel can provide patients with the same dramatic anti-aging results of a deep chemical peel, but without the pain and downtime. The Vi Peel’s formula includes the following rejuvenating acids: trichloroacetic acid, retinoic acid, salicylic acid, phenol, and alpha and beta-hydroxy acids. Within a week of your minimally invasive treatment, you will notice an improvement in your skin’s tone and texture.

Here are the top five benefits of a Vi Peel:

  1. The treatment is quick and relatively painless.
  2. Patients can immediately return to their daily activities.
  3. Safe and effective on all skin types, including darker tones.
  4. Gentle enough for the face, neck, chest, arms, back, and hands.
  5. Beautiful results will reveal themselves in as little as one week, with maximum results gradually appearing over the next four to six weeks.

The Vi Peel Procedure

A Vi Peel is an in-office procedure that takes between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the size of the area you are getting treated. People with lighter skin tones will not need any pretreatment before their Vi Peel, though those with darker skin tones may need to precondition for two to four weeks.

Initially, an aesthetician cleans your skin before applying the solution in two phases. The first stage targets the superficial layer of the skin, and the next penetrates into the dermis. After the solution dries on your skin, you can leave our clinic to go about your normal daily activities. However, you must wait five hours before washing it off for the treatment to be effective. Most people do not find the Vi Peel to be painful, though some report a mild stinging sensation during treatment.

Before sending you home, the aesthetician will review all post-procedure instructions thoroughly, including how to care for your skin and what moisturizing products to apply in the days following your treatment.

What to Expect After a Vi Peel

After you first wash the Vi Peel off, your skin will appear red and mildly irritated, as if you have a sunburn. This side effect is normal and will resolve over the first 24 hours. There is no required downtime after a Vi Peel, so you’ll be able to return to work or any other regular activities as you wish. However, we recommend you avoid vigorous exercise or other strenuous activities for the first 24 to 48 hours since sweat could potentially alter the Vi Peel’s results.

Two to three days after the Vi Peel application, your skin will begin to peel. This process can last between three and seven days, depending on your skin type and condition. You will need to apply a moisturizer diligently during this time to protect your skin and hide the noticeable appearance of peeling. While your skin is healing, it may be extra-sensitive, so you should avoid sun exposure and continuously wear broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher if you need to go outdoors during the peeling process. Once your skin is fully healed, in about two weeks, you’ll notice a refreshed, healthy complexion.

Book Your Appointment for a Vi Peel

If you’re ready to experience clearer, more refreshed, and younger-looking skin with minimal discomfort or healing time, contact our Alexandria, VA, clinic today to schedule a consultation to discuss a non-surgical Vi Peel with our licensed aesthetician. We’re looking forward to helping you meet your aesthetic goals!