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Mid-Facial Sagging

If you suffer from mid-facial sagging as a result of the natural aging process, there are both non-surgical and surgical options for facial rejuvenation that Virginia patients can explore.

If going under the scalpel does not sound appealing, non-surgical skin tightening technologies can help restore a youthful appearance to your face. Laser skin tightening utilizes lasers to stimulate and tighten loose skin, while radiofrequency tightening delivers heat deep into your skin to stimulate collagen production. Well-placed injectable dermal fillers can also improve your skin’s appearance and disguise minor facial laxity.

However, if you want a predictable and long-lasting result, facelift surgery is the best method for permanently correcting loose, sagging skin, allowing you to shed years off your appearance. If you have visible jowls, sagging tissue around your neck, or loose skin around your brows, you will need some form of surgery to efficiently correct these cosmetic issues. Although non-surgical methods are cheaper, you may be disappointed in the results if you have moderate to severe mid-facial sagging. A qualified and experienced Virginia facelift surgeon can help you determine which treatment is best for you.

To eradicate facial sagging and rejuvenate your appearance, please contact Dr. Desman at the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation. We also serve patients in the Washington, D.C. area.