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How Often Should I Get BOTOX Injections?

BOTOX is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today. Patients enjoy the convenience and affordability of this non-invasive procedure almost as much as the impressive results, which can last as long as six weeks. To schedule your next BOTOX appointment with our Washington, DC, cosmetic surgeon, please contact Dr. Eric Desman at the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery today for a consultation.

BOTOX injections contain a special protein that inhibits the nerve signals that instruct the contraction of the facial muscles. When the underlying muscles are forced to relax, the skin above them has a chance to relax and become smooth again. It’s an effective and safe treatment for crow’s feet, frown lines, and other facial wrinkles.

The body naturally absorbs and excretes the BOTOX injections, so the results are not permanent. While this means you’ll need to return for treatment as the results wear off, the temporary nature of the results is attractive to many patients: If you don’t like the results, you’re not stuck with them.

For most patients, receiving injections every 4 to 6 months is about right. The actual frequency of administration depends on the results you desire and how your body responds to the active ingredients.

Join the millions of Americans who have discovered the cosmetic benefits of regular BOTOX injections. To schedule an appointment with Washington, DC, BOTOX professional Dr. Eric Desman, please contact the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery today!