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How Can Plastic Surgery Rejuvenate Your Cheeks?

The natural aging process happens to us all – in some cases, bringing welcome changes that make people look wiser and more distinguished. However, other people may find themselves self-conscious about the way their appearance transforms as they get older.

As you age, the cumulative effects of collagen loss will continue to make your skin thinner and less resilient. Meanwhile, gravity’s inescapable downward pull will shift the skin and fat of your face downward. Eventually, these combined issues will lead to a gaunt or hollow appearance in your cheeks while creating the appearance of deeply etched wrinkles and jowls. At Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Desman can help you turn back the clock and restore the youthful contours of your cheekbones and jawline.


Many women and men in Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C., area seek a surgical facelift to remove years from their appearance. In performing a full or mini facelift surgery, Dr. Desman will reposition underlying tissues, tighten skin, and resolve sagging and laxity for a naturally refreshed appearance.

While a facelift procedure will not stop the aging process in its tracks, it can dramatically rejuvenate the lower two-thirds of your face, resolving deep-set wrinkles and sagging skin from your cheeks to your jawline. If your cosmetic concerns also include issues like hooded eyes, prominent undereye bags, and a permanent angry or unhappy expression, you may also be an excellent candidate for adding a brow lift or eyelid lift to your facelift for a more comprehensive renewal.

Facial Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is another option that can provide renewed contour and shape to your cheeks and mid-face, in addition to other areas like your lips, tear troughs, and the backs of your hands. Facial fat grafting allows Dr. Desman to provide similar results to dermal fillers but with much longer-lasting results.

The fat transfer procedure begins by removing fat, via liposuction, from an area where you have excess. Then, Dr. Desman separates and processes this “donor” fat through the revolutionary PureGraft process before reintroducing it into your desired area. PureGraft eliminates the risk of contamination, thus reducing inflammation and ensuring more of the transplanted fat survives in its new location.

Facial rejuvenation with fat grafting is less invasive than a facelift but still requires you to take time away from strenuous exercise and other daily activities to allow your swelling to go down and your discomfort to resolve. Dr. Desman can supply you with pain medication, if necessary.

Are You a Good Candidate for Plastic Surgery to Rejuvenate Your Cheeks?

Dr. Desman can answer all your questions about these options and help you determine whether you are well-qualified for surgery during a consultation. Be ready to answer questions about your health history and cosmetic goals, and come with a list of any other concerns you would like Dr. Desman to address.

At Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery, our goal is to provide you with the highest possible level of confidence and care with every procedure we perform. Contact us today to schedule your private, personalized consultation with Dr. Desman.