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Exercising with Breast Implants

Will breast augmentation impact athletic performance? Do breast implants interfere with physical exertion? Can the placement of breast implants change the way in which you exercise? The answer to all of these questions is that it usually depends on several factors. It depends on your level of physical activity, it depends on your natural anatomy, and it depends on the breast augmentation options you and Fairfax breast surgeon Dr. Eric Desman decide on.

Breast Implants and Exercise

Breast implants will change more than just the size and shape of your breasts. They may impact things such as reach, range of motion, and speed. This is largely dependent on the size and placement of your breast implants.

Larger breast implants will impact your physical abilities the most, but equally limiting can be the placement of your implants. For example, if you have implants placed below your chest muscles, exercises such as weight lifting may cause implant rupture.

The goal of breast implants is to enhance your profile, not interfere with your life. It is important to discuss your exercise preferences with Dr. Desman prior to augmentation, allowing him to customize your procedure and ensure you can continue to exercise in whatever ways you like.

Dr. Desman is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience. Listening carefully to your lifestyle choices and paying close attention to your natural anatomy, he can tailor your breast augmentation to help guard against potential complications and help you maintain your preferred lifestyle.
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