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Tips for Choosing the Best Breast Implant Size

Committing to breast augmentation surgery is a significant decision. If you’ve dreamed of having larger breasts or being able to show off sexy cleavage in low-cut tops, you might be wondering what implant size and shape will look best on you. Here are some things to consider when choosing your breast implants to ensure satisfaction with your results.

Evaluate Your Body Type

The goal of breast enhancement surgery is to create the most natural-looking results that leave you satisfied and achieve your desire for fuller breasts. That’s why your height, weight, and frame are the most significant factors influencing the implant size you choose.

Breast surgery is a highly customizable procedure because of the types and sizes of breast implants currently available; however, it’s essential to take a practical approach to surgery. Looking at before-and-after photos of women with a similar body type to yours will help give you an idea of what to expect after surgery.

In most cases, Dr. Desman will advise you to consider how the implants will affect your body. If your goal is a drastic size increase, it may make more sense to step up the implant size gradually over the course of a few years.

Understand Breast Implant Measurements

It’s also essential to know that breast implant sizes aren’t the same as bra cup sizes. When discussing sizes with you, Dr. Desman will talk about them in terms of volume, usually in cubic centimeters, or CCs for short. The more CCs an implant has, the larger it is, and the more it will project outward. Breast implants generally start at about 400 CCs and increase from there, with each 150 to 200 CCs reflecting an additional cup to a cup and a half of size.

Check Out Breast Implant Shapes

Shape will also affect your enhanced breasts’ projection— specifically, the diameter. For instance, compare two 400-CC breast implants with different diameters. Even though they have the same volume, they’ll be different shapes. Implants with a wider diameter will be flatter and project outward less than those with a narrower diameter.

Have Sensible Expectations

The idea that augmented breasts will give you a top-heavy look is an outdated misconception. While some women still want a dramatic size increase, many others choose a more modest improvement of their natural contours. The most experienced breast augmentation surgeons can make that goal a reality.

The standard approach is to carefully consider breast implant factors like profile, placement, and proportions for realistic-looking breast augmentation. Breast implant surgery has advanced enough to allow surgeons to provide subtle results that help put your natural beauty at the forefront.

How to Get the Most From Your Surgery

The single best way to determine which breast implants would be the right size for your goals is to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Eric Desman.

When you’re ready to book your complimentary breast augmentation consultation with a surgeon who serves Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, D.C., metro area, please reach out to us online.