Kybella for Men in Northern Virginia

If you hate the appearance of your double chin but do not want to undergo liposuction or surgery, this is the treatment for you. Kybella is a fat-blasting injection used to eliminate the double chin. It specifically targets and destroys fat cells permanently while slimming and refining the jawline—no surgery is needed. Kybella treatments in Northern Virginia are routinely done as a series of injections spaced out by about one-month intervals. Not only will you eliminate your double chin, but you can enjoy a more angular, masculine-looking jawline.

Kybella is a non-surgical, minimally invasive FDA-approved treatment. Our expert medical practitioners are professionally trained and licensed in Kybella injections. If you want to learn about Kybella for men in Northern Virginia and Alexandria, call our clinic today.

Am I a Good Candidate for Kybella?

Are you wondering if Kybella is right for you? We recommend Kybella for our male clients in generally good health but bothered by the cosmetic appearance of their double chin and jawline. Our expert medical team can explain this procedure further and answer any questions.

Our male clients in Northern Virginia and Alexandria have enjoyed the following benefits of Kybella injections:

  • Permanent fat removal from the chin, eliminating double chins
  • Non-surgical slimming and refining of the jawline
  • A more masculine chin and jawline
  • Quick procedural time—each injection only takes about 15 minutes
  • More firm skin in the target area
  • No chin liposuction or surgical intervention

What to Expect During My Initial Consultation for Kybella

The first step in your journey to reclaim your appearance is booking an initial consultation for Kybella for men with our clinic in Northern Virginia and Alexandria. Here, you will be introduced to our exceptional plastic surgeon and medical team. This is the opportunity to discuss your concerns with our team, who will be completely candid about your expectations and results.

Our team has extensive medical training and experience in performing Kybella injections. To identify the best treatment strategy for you, they will ask you about your medical history. During your initial consultation, Dr. Desman will cover these topics while reviewing your medical history with you: general health and general health conditions, family history and genetics, experiences of chronic illness, medications, vitamins and supplements, nicotine, tobacco, alcohol, and other drug usage, and diet and lifestyle.

Following this, our team will provide you with a complete skin assessment. This will help us determine the ideal Kybella treatment strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Kybella Treatment Process

The Kybella treatment involves a series of injections spaced four weeks apart. Most men need about three or four treatment sessions to achieve their goal. Each injection treatment is a 15-minute procedure at our Northern Virginia and Alexandria clinic. Our medical specialist will carefully map out the target area and apply the Kybella injections as needed. Immediately after your treatment, you can enjoy the rest of the day however you see fit. No downtime or recovery time is necessary, and you can continue doing your normal daily activities.

Following the Kybella treatment, your chin and jaw will become slimmer over time as your body metabolizes and eliminates the fat cells. We strongly recommend a series of six treatments, carried out over several months, to help you achieve ideal results. These short treatments, with almost no downtime or recovery, will help you achieve a strong, masculine jawline.

Explore Kybella for Men in Northern Virginia with Us

If you are considering a Kybella injection to eliminate your double chin permanently, book an assessment at our clinic today. Our seasoned medical team will provide you with a full skin assessment, identify and discuss your concerns with you, review the Kybella treatment, and help you devise a strategy to get the results you desire.

At our clinic, you come first. You can expect to receive exceptional care from your initial consultation until you leave the clinic. If you would like to book Kybella for Men in Northern Virginia and Alexandria, contact our office today.

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