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Plastic Surgery Virtual Consultation Northern Virginia

The Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery offers convenient virtual consultations for those considering plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements. From the comfort of your own home, you can get access to informative plastic surgery advice tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Making the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery requires careful consideration. But for many patients, especially for those not in the Northern Virginia area, they simply don’t have the time to come into the office for an initial consultation. While a plastic surgery virtual consultation doesn’t replace an in-person consultation, it allows Dr. Desman to evaluate your candidacy before you need to make further arrangements. To learn more, read on to discover how to take advantage of Dr. Eric Desman’s plastic surgery virtual consultation service.

If you’re ready to get started, fill out the information below for your plastic surgery virtual consultation with Dr. Eric Desman of the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery in Alexandria, VA.

Your Plastic Surgery Virtual Consultation

The form below allows potential patients to directly upload photos of their areas of concern, and they can provide detailed information about what type of procedure they’re interested in, their medical history, and what their cosmetic goals are. From the information provided, Dr. Desman will give you a better idea of what you can expect from your desired procedure. He can also make recommendations about additional procedures that may be beneficial. Using the contact information that you submitted in the form, Dr. Desman will contact you to discuss your potential options before you make the decision to come in for an in-person consultation.

Benefits of Having a Plastic Surgery Virtual Consultation

Dr. Desman understands that sometimes, life can just get hectic. And if you’re not local to the Alexandria, VA, area, it can be burdensome to schedule a trip for your first plastic surgery consultation. Even if you’re local to the area, many patients simply don’t have the time to take off work or be away from family obligations. Fortunately, Dr. Desman’s plastic surgery virtual consultation is a convenient way to be initially assessed for your procedure of choice without having to travel anywhere. While you will still need to have an in-person meeting, a virtual consult offers the following benefits:

  • Get a realistic idea of the costs involved
  • Receive a personalized, detailed plastic surgery assessment
  • Allows you to have a better idea if plastic surgery is for you before having an in-person consultation

Tips for a Productive Plastic Surgery Virtual Consultation

  • Be as Detailed as Possible
  • Submit Good, Clear Photos
  • Be as Detailed as Possible

When submitting your information in the form below, be sure to be as detailed as possible. This will be beneficial to both you and Dr. Desman. When Dr. Desman has detailed information, he can better assess your candidacy for your desired procedure, recommend appropriate related procedures, and provide an accurate estimate of the costs involved. During his in-person consultations, Dr. Desman focuses on giving patients detailed, honest advice, and he strives to provide patients with this same level of detail during virtual consultations.

Tips for Photo Submission

It’s best to take photos specifically for your plastic surgery virtual consultation, instead of uploading photos that happen to show the areas you’d like treatment on. Also, all photos should be taken in front of a plain background, preferably a white wall or sheet.

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    For patients who are interested in rhinoplasty or other facial cosmetic surgery, the photo should show your full face down to your collar bones. Your facial features should be relaxed and neutral, without smiling or making other expressions. Be sure to take several photos, including at least one from a straight-on perspective and a few of your profile and other angles.

    For patients seeking breast augmentation, your photo should show the area below your neck to just above your belly button. Keep your arms either relaxed and to the side or rest your hands on your hips. But don’t raise your arms, because this will cause the breasts to lift. Take several photos, including straight-forward shots and some from the side. In order for Dr. Desman to see the natural shape of your breasts, you should not wear a bra or any other undergarment for these photos.

    If you’re interested in plastic surgery of the body, like abdominoplasty or liposuction, the photos should show your potential treatment area clearly, without clothes or undergarments obscuring the view. Try to keep your body in a relaxed, standing position, without tensing your muscles, raising your arms, or “sucking in” your abdomen. It’s best to take photos showing several views, including from the front, side, and the back, if needed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    While complications for Plastic Surgery are rare, Dr. Desman will be there to take care of you. In addition, when you have surgery, you will automatically be enrolled in a cosmetic surgery specific insurance plan that covers you for the first 45 days after surgery. Your safety and well being are a top priority for us and this is another way that we ensure you have the best care possible.

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