Breast Reduction in Northern Virginia

Do you feel weighted down by your breasts? Do you sometimes get backaches? Do you feel your bra straps biting into your shoulders? If you, so might be a good candidate for a breast reduction in Northern Virginia and Alexandria. This operation is not given as much publicity as breast enlargement, but it is just as available. During your consultation, experienced breast surgeon Dr. Desman can answer question and elaborate on the details of this impactful surgery.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Each one of us has a different chest shape and our own circumstances. If you would like to breast-feed, it would be better to postpone breast reduction surgery until after that. Some diseases and conditions can be counter-indications, such as diabetes. However, if your breasts are fully mature, you should consult an Alexandria and Northern Virginia surgeon about a reduction operation.

The Breast Reduction Procedure Explained

Breast reduction uses general anesthesia, which means you will be completely asleep and will not remember the operation. In most cases, the surgery takes around two to four hours. A full breast reduction procedure involves:

  • An anchor-shaped incision that circles the areola, runs down to the breast crease, and follows that crease.
  • Excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue being removed.
  • The nipple being relocated to match your new shape and size.
  • Stitches along the entire incision.
  • Wearing a bandage or surgical bra 24 hours a day to protect and support the area

The Recovery Period

After a breast reduction, you may feel some pain for a few days. However, our breast surgeon will give you a pain medication for that. You may continue feeling discomfort for about a week. Additionally:

  • We’ll remove the bandage after one or two days
  • You should continue wearing a surgical bra until the bruising and swelling fade, which usually takes several weeks
  • The stitches will be removed after around one to three weeks

Go easy on yourself for 4 or 5 weeks after you have your chest size reduced. Dr. Desman will give you some instructions for self-care and you can likely go back to work after about 2 weeks, if your work is not too vigorous. It could take around six to 12 months for your breasts settle into their new shape. If you gain or lose much weight, get pregnant, or experience hormonal changes, these things can all affect the size and feel of your breasts.

Does a Breast Reduction Feature Scarring?

It is important to recognize that each breast reduction patient will have different extents of scarring. For some people, the initial scar will eventually fade and shrink to a thin line. For others, the redness may tend to linger, and it may not flatten out so well. Fortunately, since breast reduction scars are low on the chest, you can wear a low neckline and a swimsuit with confidence.

Additionally, our team can discuss breast reduction scarring and other concerns with Alexandria or Northern Virginia patients during an initial consultation.

Call Our Office to Learn About Breast Reduction in Northern Virginia

If overly large breasts have resulted in years of back pain or other concerns, our practice is here to help. Dr. Desman and his team can explain how a breast reduction in Northern Virginia and Alexandria could help, offer a personalized treatment plan, and help you make a full recovery.

One previous patient stated: “I am so very pleased with my new look. You can never know the extent of all the changes that the breast reduction surgery has brought about in my life, but I have never been so satisfied with the way things are in my life. The surgery changed not only how I look but changed so many other pieces of my life, all for the better.” Contact us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

While complications for Breast Reduction are rare, Dr. Desman will be there to take care of you. In addition, when you have surgery, you will automatically be enrolled in a cosmetic surgery specific insurance plan that covers you for the first 45 days after surgery. Your safety and well being are a top priority for us and this is another way that we ensure you have the best care possible.

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