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Breast Augmentation Combined With Breast Lift

Pregnancy, weight loss, and the effects of age can all lead to sagging breasts, which take a toll on many women’s self-confidence. A breast lift can effectively solve this problem. However, some women with smaller breasts may also want to enjoy the benefits of a breast augmentation.

In the past, combining these two procedures in a single surgery (termed an “augmentation-mastopexy”) was considered risky. However, modern techniques have allowed plastic surgeons to safely re-section the breasts after implants have been placed, allowing patients to benefit from the dramatic results of both procedures at once.

Still, not everyone will be a candidate for a combined breast augmentation and breast lift. During a personal consultation, Dr. Desman will discuss your options with you and recommend the procedure (or combination of procedures) he thinks will best help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Keep in mind that selecting breast implants that are too large or too heavy can potentially compromise the results of a breast lift.

If you have more questions about combining a breast augmentation with a breast lift, please contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with Arlington plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Desman. The Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery serves patients throughout Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.