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Body Lift After Weight Loss Surgery

A body lift is a body contouring procedure that can dramatically improve the shape and size of your entire frame. Following weight loss surgery, it is not uncommon for small pockets of stubborn fat along with loose and sagging skin to detract from the profile of your body.

When this is the case, Arlington plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Desman can customize a body lift procedure that removes unnecessary and unsightly tissue, firms and tightens your skin, and finalizes the results started by your initial weight loss procedure.

Body Lift Techniques

A body lift is a combination of body contouring options. Depending on your specific areas of concern and unique anatomical needs, your body lift may include:

These procedures can improve definition and contour in your legs, groin, buttocks, stomach, hips, and lower back – areas that may not respond to diet and exercise. This allows a body lift to not only greatly improve your appearance but also to help restore physical comfort and get you on your way to sustaining your results through a healthy and active lifestyle.

To learn more about enhancing your weight loss surgery results, please contact the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule a body contouring consultation with Arlington, Virginia plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Desman today.