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Having Realistic Expectations for Cosmetic Surgery

When you are contemplating cosmetic surgery, only one factor is more important than choosing a cosmetic surgeon: having realistic expectations about the results. While plastic surgery often improves self-esteem, patients that have an unmet or unrealistic expectations can further damage their self-esteem. Working with a plastic surgeon, like Dr. Desman, who carefully examines your goals and determines if they are in line with the outcome you desire, is important for a successful procedure.

Having realistic expectations are imperative for your emotional, as well as, physical well-being. Dr. Desman at the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery, located in the Arlington, Virginia greater area, has your best interests at heart.

Expecting Perfection

Emotions in a prospective cosmetic surgery patient can be similar to the overweight person that thinks their weight is what keeps them unhappy and if only they lose the weight, they will regain that lost happiness. Cosmetic surgery patients who feel they will be a different person once their nose is smaller, hips are slim or faceless wrinkled can be disappointed when their life doesn’t suddenly change. Patients who fall into this category often expect one or more of the following:

  • Perfect symmetry – even though it does not exist in our natural bodies
  • Everything to look the way imagined – the results immediately after surgery are far from what they ultimately will be weeks later
  • No scars – immediately after surgery, scars are more prominent than they’ll be weeks afterward
  • Dramatic results – patients should remember that cosmetic surgery improves the appearance but does not offer wholesale changes

The Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery, located in the Arlington, Virginia greater area, offers state-of-the-art computer imaging to help patients envision the difference a small change can make in your appearance. Please contact our office to meet with Dr. Desman for a no-obligation consultation.