2023 VCPS School Supply Donation Drive

2023 VCPS School Supply Donation Drive 

As the Summer months come to a close, a new academic year quickly approaches. The team at the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery understands the importance of a quality education. Children deserve to be given the freedom to learn without the worry of buying new school supplies every year. Unfortunately, there are children who often come to school without supplies because they cannot afford it. To help with this issue, we decided to create the VCPS School Supply Donation Drive.    

Nearly 2 years ago, we initiated our support for a local elementary school by donating school supplies. Last summer, we donated over $400 worth of supplies to the Hybla Valley Elementary School, located here in Alexandria, Va. This year, we want to extend an invitation for your participation as well.

During August, for every dollar you donate in gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, etc., we will provide you with double that amount as a discount on services or surgery on the day of your donation. For instance, if you contribute a $50 Walmart gift card to the school, we will offer you $100 off your Microneedling or Laser service treatment that day.

We will utilize the gift cards to purchase the necessary supplies and ensure their delivery to the school, replicating our successful approach from last year. Please join us in supporting our local elementary school and make a difference! If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to call the office at (703) 924-3144.

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