Breast Fat Transfer in Northern Virginia

If you have been hoping to make changes to your breasts but are unsure whether you want to use implants or another more invasive procedure, it is key to realize that you likely have options for obtaining the desired results.

Breast fat transfer in Northern Virginia and Alexandria, an innovative breast augmentation procedure that involves liposuction, could help you subtly increase the volume of your chest to make you feel more like yourself. Discussing this surgery with our team is crucial, as Dr. Desman can serve as a valuable resource before you come in for a procedure.

Breast Fat Transfer Explained

A breast fat transfer begins with liposuction, which removes fat cells from a targeted body area. After these cells are suctioned out, Dr. Desman will inject them into the breast area to increase volume.

The surgery relies on the principle that the fat cells that get transferred to the breast have to create or find a new blood supply for the fat to survive the transfer process. Unfortunately, there is always a loss of volume when tissues are transferred. Because the fat cells that are transferred have to be close to blood vessels, there is only so much fat they can move into the breast at once. This means that a fat transfer is an ideal option for making more minor changes in breast volume, specifically to the upper or inner parts of the breast. In addition, the procedure can help improve overall breast contours.

In some cases, it makes sense for Alexandria or Northern Virginia women to receive a breast fat transfer in multiple stages. For instance, a patient could start with one phase, and they can return for a second transfer once the first round of fat has settled into the body and developed its own blood supply. Dr. Desman could help prospective patients determine whether a multi-stage fat transfer works for them.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Fat Transfer Approach

The most notable benefit of doing a fat transfer instead of a standard breast augmentation is that this approach uses all of the patient’s natural tissue. No foreign material is involved in the surgery, meaning it could be faster and ideal for patients who only want a smaller amount of volume transferred.

Meanwhile, one of the limitations of fat transfer is that it can take multiple sessions spread out over time to get a significant amount of volume added, which can be done relatively quickly with a breast implant. With breast fat transfer, Alexandria or Northern Virginia women cannot add too much volume in any given session. Dr. Desman can help prospective patients weigh these benefits and drawbacks when deciding on the ideal breast procedure.

The Recovery Window

Recovering from a fat transfer breast procedure involves a couple of key components. The first is that recovering from the liposuction portion of the procedure typically requires a compression garment. This garment helps decrease the risk of a fluid buildup in the treated area, and most patients will need to wear that for about a month after the surgery.

When recovering from the actual transfer of fat tissue to the breast, most Alexandria and Northern Virginia patients will experience swelling and bruising in the breast for a couple of weeks. Therefore, it is essential to limit physical activity, being sure not to put too much compression on the breast and choke off the blood supply to newly transferred fat cells.

Patients can typically return to day-to-day activities like driving after about five to seven days. Additionally, Dr. Desman recommends refraining from exercise and heavy physical activity for the first month after surgery. He will follow up after your procedure to answer any questions about recovery or results.

Call Dr. Desman about a Breast Fat Transfer in Northern Virginia

If you prefer a breast procedure that enhances contours without introducing foreign objects into the body, you should consider the benefits of a breast fat transfer in Northern Virginia. When you reach out to our office to discuss this procedure, our team can address concerns and ensure you understand everything you need to know. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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