Question Checklist for Breast Augmentation in Northern Virginia

How do the others match up to Dr. Eric Desman?

Here are a few questions to ask while researching your Washington D.C. plastic surgeon.

Certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery? Dr. Desman?: YES   Other?: _____

Over 20 years experience? Dr. Desman?: YES   Other?: ______

Does doctor measure your tissues in order to custom fit an implant to your body? Take into account the stretch in your tissues? Take into account your breast base size? Dr. Desman?: YES, YES, YES  Other? _____

Does doctor know when and how to use anatomic implants? Dr. Desman?: YES  Other? _____

Will you be able to shower the night of surgery? Dr. Desman?: YES  Other? _____

Will you be able to lift your hands above your head immediately after surgery? Dr. Desman?: YES  Other? _____

Will you need narcotic pain medications? Dr. Desman?: NO  Other?: ______

Will you need a special bra? Dr. Desman?: NO  Other? _____

Will you need an expensive pain pump? Dr. Desman?: NO  Other?: ______

Will you be able to return to normal activity 48-72 hours after surgery? Dr. Desman?: YES  Other? ____

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