Considerations for Breast Augmentation in Northern Virginia

If you have been researching and deliberating about using a breast augmentation procedure to increase your chest size, there are a few essential factors to understand and consider.

First, you should evaluate whether any factors might impact the results of a breast augmentation procedure. Additionally, you should consider the risks of the surgery and understand when you might need to replace breast implants. To further discuss considerations for breast augmentation in Northern Virginia and Alexandria, schedule a consultation with Dr. Desman today. His knowledgeable team can answer questions, address concerns, and help you prepare for your operation.

What Factors Could Impact the Results of a Breast Augmentation?

Several factors might influence or lessen the results of chest augmentation. The most obvious is that pregnant women or women who are actively breastfeeding are not eligible candidates for this procedure.

Second, smoking before this procedure can considerably increase the chances of a post-operation infection. Therefore, prospective Northern Virginia and Alexandria patients must avoid smoking before their breast augmentation procedure.

Finally, not following Dr. Desman’s recovery instructions and being too active can disrupt delicate stitching, which might alter results. Anyone with questions about these breast augmentation considerations should meet with Dr. Desman.

The Risks Associated with Breast Augmentation

Meanwhile, there are a few risks that Alexandria and Northern Virginia patients should understand when considering whether a breast augmentation is right for them. First, there is always a minimal risk of bleeding, infection, anesthesia complications, and poor scar healing.

Then, there can be risks associated with the breast implants themselves. For instance, some women might experience a condition called breast implant illness. With this illness, patients might notice joint aches, muscle pains, or similar symptoms. While this condition is currently being further studied, Dr. Desman has noticed it in some patients.

Finally, there is an incredibly small risk of developing a form of cancer known as BIA-ALCL (Breast Implant Associated – Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma), which can form on the scar tissue surrounding a breast implant. Thankfully, Dr. Desman can inform patients about risk considerations and perform a breast augmentation with the utmost care.

Do Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced?

Prospective patients need to understand that breast implants do not last indefinitely. Instead, the average lifespan of an implant is around 15-20 years, depending on the type of augmentation pursued. Generally, implants do not need to be replaced until they start to do poorly.

If a local patient uses silicone implants in their augmentation, they should pursue an MRI or ultrasound around three years after surgery. This will inform them about any potential leak and whether or not their implant might need to be replaced. Meanwhile, Dr. Desman should always replace saline breast implants after they leak.

Capsular contracture, which refers to the hardening of scar tissue around the breast, can be fine as long as it is mild and there are no serious complications with the development of that tissue. Sometimes the capsular contracture can distort the breast or become painful, and in those instances, further surgery is necessary.

Considering whether to redo the work of a previous breast augmentation can be a challenge, but Dr. Desman can help Alexandria or Northern Virginia patients make informed decisions and maintain their results as effectively as possible.

Discuss Considerations for Breast Augmentation in Northern Virginia Today

While there are some risks, side effects, and essential things to know about chest augmentation procedures, you should not be worried if you are interested in this option. When you come in for a consultation about considerations for breast augmentation in Northern Virginia, you can expect to have your questions answered and your personalized needs addressed. Call today to get started.

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