Lower Body Lift in Northern Virginia

A lower body lift is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin from your outer thighs and buttocks. This procedure is commonly performed on patients who have lost substantial weight and have loose, sagging skin. Our skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Desman uses state-of-the-art techniques to create a tighter, smoother appearance while preserving volume in the buttocks to prevent a flattening effect.

If you wish to tighten the skin on your outer thighs and buttocks, a lower body lift in Northern Virginia might be the solution. This procedure is often performed in combination with an abdominoplasty to sculpt your entire waistline. If diet and exercise have been insufficient to achieve your goals for a toned, youthful-looking figure and have left you with loose skin, talk to our experienced medical team about this life-changing procedure.

What to Know About the Lower Body Lift Procedure

A complete lower body lift uses incisions made in a bikini pattern to tighten the skin on your abdomen, groin, waist, thighs, and buttocks. A lower body lift will result in a permanent scar and is considered major surgery.

For your surgery, you will be placed under general anesthesia. Our renowned surgeon will remove an apron of excess skin and fat through an incision made around your body, allowing for tissue tightening and repositioning. Deep sutures within underlying tissue help to support your newly shaped contours and sutures, while skin adhesives, tapes, or clips may be used to close the incisions in your skin. The entire procedure typically takes about four hours.

Since you will spend several hours at our Northern Virginia clinic pre- and post-op, expect the lower body lift process to take most of your day. The schedule for your discharge will depend on the type of lift performed, the extent of correction required, and whether other cosmetic surgical procedures are performed simultaneously. The result will be a firmer, more youthful transformation of your lower body with long-lasting effects.

Post-Op for a Lower Body Lift

In most cases, you can return to work within one week, assuming no strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting is involved. You should immediately notice improvements to your contours, but you will see only partial results for several months. The final results may take one to two years to fully develop. The results are generally long-lasting, provided you maintain a healthy weight and fitness level.

Portions of your wound may be slow to heal and require treatment with gauze dressings. There are risks associated with anesthesia. Infection and bleeding can also occur but are uncommon. In rare cases, patients may experience prolonged or permanent leg swelling (lymphedema).

Are You a Candidate for a Lower Body Lift?

Consider a lower body lift if you have excess sagging skin around your outer thighs and buttocks that diet and exercise alone cannot fix. If your lower body lift is prompted by substantial weight loss, you should have already achieved your goal and maintained a steady weight for at least six months. Weight fluctuations can interfere with results post-surgery.

You should also be in good overall health for this procedure. Healthy patients are likely to recover quickly from surgery, and patients with realistic goals can be expected to be satisfied with the results. Adult patients of any age with loose skin on the buttocks and outer thighs may consider this procedure. Dr. Desman and our skilled team in Northern Virginia will review all potential risks and complications with you before the lower body lift surgery.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss a Lower Body Lift in Northern Virginia

If you are considering a lower body lift in Northern Virginia, consult our clinic about your goals and concerns. Our experienced plastic surgeon would be happy to discuss your options during a comprehensive consultation. Our personable and caring staff strive for excellence in all areas. Call us today to learn how we can help you reach your aesthetic goals and live a happier, more confident life.

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