Volux in Northern Virginia

A well-defined jawline can make you look strong, youthful, and confident. However, for many of us, aging leads to lost cheek volume, sagging skin, wrinkles, and jowls. Surgical interventions used to be the only way to reclaim a youthful-looking jawline. Now, there is a non-surgical alternative: Juvéderm Volux™ injectable filler.

Volux is the newest Juvéderm facial filler and the only FDA-approved non-surgical option to define and enhance the shape of your chin and jawline. This hyaluronic acid (HA) filler is much firmer than other HA fillers, making considerable aesthetic advancements in the firmness, structure, and longevity of these treatments.

If you wish to sculpt and contour your face, jaw, and chin, consult the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery on Volux in Northern Virginia. Our knowledgeable team is here to discuss your goals and help you achieve a youthful, sculpted appearance.

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation Using Volux

Volux is an HA filler designed to match the appearance and feel of natural bone. HA is a natural body substance that slowly breaks down over time; because these fillers are dissolvable, the procedure can be reversed with an enzyme called hyaluronidase if the patient is unsatisfied with the results.

When injected along your jaw and chin at our Northern Virginia clinic, Volux can create volume and structure, helping to balance your profile. Volux has been used for jawline contouring in Europe for years and is now available in the United States. At 25 mg/mL, Volux has the highest concentration of HA of any Juvéderm product. Because it is much denser than other HA fillers, it is perfect for adding volume to the shape and structure of your lower face, creating a smooth contour along your jawline, and reducing the appearance of jowls. This can significantly define the jaw and neck and add volume to the cheeks for a sculpted, youthful appearance.

This non-surgical treatment can enhance your features without implants and achieves results immediately after injection. Over several weeks, the Volux will fully incorporate, revealing a beautifully chiseled jawline.

Treatment Procedure for Volux at Our Alexandria Clinic

You may require multiple treatments to achieve optimal results, so each treatment plan is individualized. Volux may involve more downtime than other fillers. In the first 72 hours, patients often experience side effects such as:

  • Swelling
  • Stiffness in the jaw
  • A feeling of firmness
  • Difficulty opening the mouth, biting, and speaking

These side effects should subside within three days. Volux is moldable for the first 72 hours, so Dr. Desman may recommend you massage the area if you feel any lumps. The filler typically integrates with your body and feels natural after three to four weeks.

What To Expect From Volux in Northern Virginia

Before your Volux procedure, Dr. Desman will apply numbing cream or medication to help you feel comfortable throughout the experience. Our clinic uses precise filler placement to help achieve the best, most natural-looking results. Following your treatment, your nurse will provide post-treatment care instructions and follow-up to ensure the best possible results from your procedure.

Volux is FDA-approved to last up to 12 months, with some studies showing results for up to 18 months. The longevity depends on various factors, including your metabolic rate and the amount of Volux injected.

Are You a Good Candidate for Volux?

During your consultation on Volux in Northern Virginia, we will measure your chin, the severity of your jowls, and the sharpness of your jawline. We will discuss your options and desired results during this one-on-one meeting. Typical Volux candidates are women and men 21 or older who lack volume and definition in the lower mandible, chin, or both. Volux can help to define your jawline, balance your profile, and even improve the appearance of your jowls and upper neck. If you want to enhance your jawline with a non-surgical procedure, Volux in Northern Virginia may be right for you.

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You should choose a provider who appreciates the individuality of your facial anatomy and knows how to optimize your overall facial appearance. At the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery, we put your needs first and strive for open, transparent communication throughout the process. We want to help you look and feel your best.

Call us today to learn more about Volux in Northern Virginia. In an initial consultation, we can discuss your goals and explain your options for achieving the radiant appearance of your dreams.

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