Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty) in Northern Virginia

When thinking of facial cosmetic surgery, you probably wouldn’t consider procedures that alter the appearance of your ears. However, many individuals undergo ear pinning surgery (otoplasty) in Northern Virginia and Alexandria to change their ears’ position, shape, or size. The operation is most common among children, but ear pinning surgery is an excellent long-term solution for adults that are uncomfortable with the look of their ears.

Although a full recovery after ear pinning surgery usually takes up to six weeks, the results are long-lasting. Otoplasty patients often report improved self-confidence, which may also positively impact their lives in other ways. If this sounds right for you, Dr. Eric Desman can help restore your self-confidence through ear pinning (otoplasty) surgery in Northern Virginia and Alexandria.

What Changes Could Ear Pinning Surgery Make?

Ear pinning procedures often occur when a child’s cartilage fully develops at an early age, usually between five and six years old. The surgery can also correct apparent ear asymmetry that may negatively affect a person’s confidence. In most cases, otoplasty procedures alter the shape and size of both ears to ensure symmetrical results, even if that is not the primary concern for surgery.

Beyond pinning an individual’s ears closer to their head, otoplasty operations could also alter the shape and size of the ears. For example, if anyone who suffers from misshapen ears due to external trauma or congenital abnormalities could undergo otoplasty procedures in Northern Virginia and Alexandria. Additionally, the surgery could reduce the overall size of the ears to make them proportional to other facial features. Dr. Desman can carefully evaluate a Northern Virginia or Alexandria patient’s situation and help plan for ear pinning surgery.

Who Should Consider Getting an Otoplasty?

Ear pinning procedures are popular at an early age when a child’s cartilage first develops – usually when they are around five to six years old. However, adults may undergo the operation if they consider their ears too prominent. Specifically, the surgery is an excellent procedure if a person finds their ears disproportional to other features on their face.

A person may also consider ear pinning surgery to reshape their ears for cosmetic reasons or repair cartilage damage. Though otoplasty could make several cosmetic changes to someone’s ears, it does not alter the ears’ location on the head. Nor does ear pinning surgery change your hearing. If an Alexandria or Northern Virginia resident is considering an ear pinning operation, Dr. Desman can determine whether they are an ideal candidate for otoplasty. Although, it is key to understand that the procedure is best for people in good health without a history of ear infections.

Call Dr. Desman about Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty) in Northern Virginia

It is easy to be self-conscious of your ears due to their size, shape, or how far they stick out from the head. However, Dr. Desman could correct these concerns for the long term with ear pinning surgery (otoplasty) in Northern Virginia and Alexandria.

Ear pinning surgery is often the best choice for restoring the shape and size of your earlobes after significant sagging or tearing. However, medical conditions, medications, and physical characteristics may limit your eligibility for otoplasty. Reach out to Dr. Desman for an otoplasty assessment to discuss whether the operation is the best choice for altering your ears.

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