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When to Use BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a medicine that is injected into the facial muscles to help them relax and avoid contracting. Wrinkles and fine lines form in the face when the muscles contract or are tense. Relaxed muscles reduce the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines helping to promote a younger looking you.

Knowing when to use BOTOX®Cosmetic to enhance your beauty is important. Women in their thirties and forties tend to rejuvenate their skin with BOTOX® Cosmetic to help them look as young as they feel. Women who are older than forty also benefit from BOTOX® Cosmetic and use a series of treatments to keep their skin healthy and radiant.

You can speak with Washington, D.C. cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Desman, in a confidential BOTOX® Cosmetic consultation to discuss when the right time is for you to begin using BOTOX® Cosmetic. He will help you create a treatment plan and decide if combining other facial fillers with BOTOX® Cosmetic will benefit your needs.

BOTOX® Cosmetic lasts up to four months. It is a good idea to speak with Dr. Desman about the results you can expect from BOTOX® Cosmetic and how long they will last. To maintain your facial rejuvenation results from BOTOX® Cosmetic, you will want to schedule appointments with Dr. Desman about every four months. The more you use BOTOX® Cosmetic, the more conditioned your muscles will be to stay relaxed and look less wrinkled.

To start you on the road to a younger, more rejuvenated you, please contact Dr. Desman at the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery today to schedule your BOTOX® Cosmetic consultation in the Washington, D.C. area.