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Types of Breast Augmentation Incision Placement

Every part of your breast augmentation is personal, based on both your desires and factors unique to your anatomy. Where your breast augmentation incisions are placed is no exception to this, which is why board-certified Alexandria breast surgeon Dr. Eric Desman offers a number of options that can help ensure the most pleasing results.

If you are considering breast augmentation in Alexandria or surrounding areas of Virginia, please contact the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Desman.

Breast Augmentation Incision Options

The breast augmentation incision options offered by Dr. Desman are:

  • Periareolar – these incisions are made around the circumference of your areola, in the dark skin surrounding your nipple. Thanks to both the color and natural texture of the areola, scars from this incision are typically unnoticeable.
  • Inframammary – these incisions are made underneath your breast in the natural fold where breast and chest meet. Depending on the size of the breast implants you have placed, scars from this incision will be hidden in the inframammary fold.
  • Transaxillary – these incisions are placed in the armpit, eliminating the risk of visible scarring on the breasts.

All incision options offer specific benefits, making each one better suited to particular needs. To learn which incision option is right for you, please contact our experienced Alexandria breast augmentation surgeon today.