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Swimming with Breast Implants

Your body will be different after breast augmentation, but will breast implants interfere with swimming? The honest answer to that is that it depends. Breast implants are neutrally buoyant. This means that, for the casual swimmer, there should be no difference between swimming pre- and post-augmentation. Women who swim laps for exercise or simply enjoy spending time in water will notice little to no difference in abilities after breast augmentation.

Competitive Swimmers

Breast implants may increase drag and interfere with speed. Studies conducted in the 1980s found breast implants decreased speeds by ranges of 9-20%. If you swim competitively, this is an issue that should be carefully considered and discussed in full with Fairfax breast surgeon Dr. Eric Desman before decisions are made about your augmentation procedure.

Breast implants can do wonders for the shape and profile of your body. However, there are considerations, such as competitive sports, that may make you a less ideal breast enlargement candidate. Being honest with Dr. Desman about your preferred exercise and lifestyle choices will allow him to be honest in return and help you determine if breast augmentation is a good idea for you.

If you have questions about your candidacy for breast augmentation, please contact the Virginia Center of Plastic Surgery to schedule an initial consultation with our Fairfax breast surgeon today.