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Maintaining Good Results after Liposuction in Alexandria

Liposuction can remove several pounds of excess fat from the targeted area treated by Dr. Eric Desman. Once the fat is removed, it cannot come back, making the results of your Alexandria liposuction procedure more or less permanent. More or less, because while removed fat cannot come back, new fat can and will accumulate unless you take steps to maintain your liposuction results.

If you are considering liposuction in the Alexandria area of Virginia, please contact the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Eric Desman.

Optimizing Results

The first step in achieving good results after liposuction is closely following Dr. Desman’s postoperative advice. This means resting, keeping incisions clean, and using your compression garments. Gentle walks are also recommended during your recovery to help reduce swelling and speed healing.

Once you have recovered, walks should be replaced with more vigorous exercise. You don’t need to become an endurance athlete, but two to three hours of moderate exercise every week is ideal for maintaining liposuction results. In addition, filling your diet with healthy and natural foods can both give you the energy you need to remain active and help you maintain your liposuction results.

For more information about maintaining your figure after body contouring, please contact our board-certified Alexandria liposuction surgeon to schedule a consultation today.