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Liposuction Recovery

Recovery following liposuction is different for each patient. Factors that will influence recovery include the type of liposuction you have undergone, the number of areas treated, how much tissue was removed, and your body’s natural healing abilities. How well you follow Washington, DC liposuction surgeon Dr. Eric Desman’s pre and postoperative advice will also play a role in how quickly you recover.

Resuming Normal Activities

Work can generally be resumed within one week following liposuction surgery. If your job is physically demanding you may need to wait up to eight weeks before returning to full duties.

Frequent walks should being as soon as 24 hours following your procedure. Walking helps reduce swelling and speeds the healing process. However, strenuous exercise will need to be avoided for six to eight weeks.

Compression garments should be worn to reduce swelling and help the body retain its new form. As with all aspects of your recovery, how long you will need to wear compression garments is best discussed in person with Dr. Desman.

Of course, all of these time frames are generalized and may not be fully representative of your personal experience. During your liposuction consultation Dr. Desman will better be able to discuss what you can expect during recovery in more detail.

To schedule a liposuction consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, please contact the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery today. Dr. Desman serves the DC Metro area from our conveniently located Alexandria office.