How to Set Up Your Patient Portal

Follow the steps below to download the app:

1. You will receive a text message with the Symplast patient app that you can download onto your smartphone (Apple/Android).

2. Once the text message is sent, click on the blue link as seen in the image above.

3. Follow the prompts to download the Symplast patient app (see below):

Prompt #1:

Prompt #2:

Prompt #3:

4. Enter the one-time registration code (given in the text message) and full DOB.  Please remember the one-time registration code is only valid for 24 hours! (see images below)

5. Create your password (see below):

6. Agree to the terms of use (see below):

7. You’re all done! You should be able to access the patient portal. Please contact us if you are experiencing any trouble or if you have any questions.

The Symplast patient app displays information such as: Appointments, estimates/invoices, and media. You can also message us through the app with any questions or concerns you may have!

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Dr. Desman and his team are amazing! They are kind, patient, and really care. From the moment I had my consult I felt that I was in capable and caring hands. I had two surgeries...
- Jody Walker
I am so very pleased with my new look. You can never know the extent of all the changes that the breast reduction surgery has brought about in my life, but I have never been...
- S.R.
I wouldn’t have any other plastic surgeon after having been a patient of Dr. Desman’s.
- J.S.
I would recommend him because he is capable & competent & does good work.
- K.S.
I mentioned to you during one of my follow-up appointments my hope that you enjoy your work as a surgeon. Because of what you are able to do for people, you can give them the...
- B.G.
Dr. Desman has a great bedside manner … he is straightforward and I would recommend him to all my friends.
- K.W.
Many people have asked me, since the surgery, if I have had any second thoughts about the surgery … I have to answer that there are no regrets. Only total satisfaction.
- T.F.
Dr. Desman works a magic that I seem unable to find words to properly describe…you change our lives, you make patients more tolerant of themselves, you help them fit in more with their world, you...
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